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Women: The Sacrifice of Cultural Identity

In most if not every society, women are the key figures when it comes a community establishing an identity. They are the main symbol for the presence of that identity. 

For these pieces I used the perception of an ideal woman between the east and the west, and how both are derived from the male gaze. 

Their posture in the photo and the way they look into the camera give the illusion that the woman is in complete control of her sexuality, that even the woman believes it.

It also brings about clash of ideals which make-up myself as a second generation immigrant.

'East' vs 'West', 'Dominance' vs 'Submissiveness', 'Catholic' vs 'Islamic', 'Feminism' vs 'Feminism', 'male gaze' vs 'male gaze', 'Openness' vs 'Mystery'.


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